Training Programs

Core-R.O.I. can deliver training that’s tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.   Give us a call to learn more about training objectives, content and alternative formats to meet your requirements.  Programs include:

Communication Skills: Explore the communication process as the foundation for healthy working relationships, and develop skills for effective communications. Identify obstacles; become a better listener; give effective feedback and avoid third party communication.

Constructive Conflict Management: Explore the value of conflict, its sources, and how to maintain relationships and improve the group’s effectiveness. Anticipate conflict, learn the variety of ways people respond to it, and develop your effective conflict resolution skills.

Managing in a Team Environment: Helping work groups develop the capacity to manage themselves in today’s high-performance/high-commitment organizations. Understand the new role of manager / supervisor, identify the competencies needed to carry out that role.

Facilitation Skills. Learn the skills and frameworks for ensuring that groups are effective and efficient in how they conduct their business, make decisions and solve problems. Learn when and how to step in to handle disruptive behavior and help groups stay on track.

Five Steps to Successful Meetings. Make meetings more effective, reduce the number and duration of meetings, and eliminate the frustration with meetings that accomplish nothing. Understand the different types of meetings and their use. Learn the  5 steps to designing  more effective meetings. Manage typical behaviors that  ruin  meetings.

Problem-solving Skills. Learn how to use a systematic process for effective problem‑solving in work groups. Use tools for helping groups identify, select and solve problems. Know how to avoid common pitfalls in group problem solving.

Win-Win Negotiating. Learn the framework, steps and practices necessary to conduct win/win negotiations as an alternative to positional bargaining. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of how you react in negotiating situations and practice a proven successful method for win/win negotiating.