Sue Meador Rodier



We wish there were some artful or inspiring way to share this news.  Our dear friend and partner, Sue Meador Rodier, died on the morning of April 4, 2014. She lived with cancer for three years, after being told at the outset she had 2-3 months to live. Sue, a life force never intimidated! In the end she went peacefully, at home surrounded by the love of her family and friends.

We can only tell stories–lots of stories–of small towns, airports, midnight rental car rides, coal mines, steel mills, meeting rooms; of huddles in the corner, late-night planning, grinding out last-minute conference materials, celebratory meals; of hopeful possibilities, launching a business in the midst of a hurricane, launching it again and yet again; shared disappointments, terrible loss and grief, discussions that became arguments that became apologies, small successes and occasional triumphs; of hospitality, alligators in her yard, wine education, food–always too much– prepared masterfully; of tough negotiations, hard work, making a difference in others’ lives;  of soulful brown eyes now soft now piercing, a tiny frame too small to contain such a big, warm heart.

With Sue we shared a bond of partnership, friendship, respect, love over the past three decades and more.  The bond, we believe, is not broken.  Only changed.

Sue requested (in the clear fashion that Sue would!) that there be no memorial service.  Just a party. As we’re sure you have your own wonderful memories of Sue, raise a glass with us in her honor and be joyful for the blessing she is—and will remain–in each of our lives.

George Gates and Bob Stump



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