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Core-R.O.I. is the result of the 1990 merger of International Core Group, Inc. and Responsive Organizations, Inc. The current Core-R.O.I, LLC is owned and managed by Bob Stump and George Gates.

Bob Stump

Bob Stump

Relying on straightforward dialogue and amenable candor, Bob has delivered over 25 years of stellar consulting support to the leadership of organizations who want their organizations to work better and be better places to work.   In every encounter, he demonstrates how each individual and group can take charge of their destiny. Bob’s professional style is to listen, ask follow-up questions, evaluate the problem or issue carefully, share knowledge with the organizational players about possible solutions, facilitate the road map for a strong strategic plan, and then support his clients as they run with their solutions.

Bob is a skilled coach of management leaders who have unique responsibilities for bringing about successful change.  He supports them as they work to improve the levels of communication, candor and cooperation within the executive levels of the organization and drive improvement efforts throughout the organization. His design and use of survey feedback helps clients both improve individual behaviors and streamline work systems.

He has extensive experience as a facilitator at all organizational levels within his client organizations. His diverse clients have defined organizational visions that guide their improvement efforts, and have built the ability of employee groups to find permanent solutions for costly organizational problems. He has consulted with and led joint labor-management leadership groups as they developed strategic plans that turn their visions for the future into reality.

Bob has worked with a variety of companies, organizations and agencies in the public, private, not-for-profit and government sectors. Large groups in the Fortune 500 as well as new or emerging community based endeavors. Some were struggling for survival; others finding ways to move to higher levels of achievement. Throughout this career, Bob has worked with management and labor leaders to end the destructive cycle of an adversarial relationship and develop partnerships for the benefit of both institutions.

He has been a co-developer of GoalStreams® – a unique approach for leaders to use mind mapping technology to manage the outcomes and deliverables that will lead to successful change.

Bob regularly led workshops and made presentations at national conferences on preparing professionals and organizations for the future, the changing power bases of middle managers, the scope and process of organizational change, and how to develop cooperative relationships between management and organized labor.

He has been active in the Association for Quality and Participation and American Society for Training and Development. He and his clients have been selected to share their experiences and accomplishments national conferences of Association for Quality and Participation, Center for Collaborative Organizations, and the Institute for Industrial Research.

His publications include, A Vision is Not Enough, From Adversaries to Allies: Labor Management Cooperation, WANTED: One Silver Bullet, Guidelines for Groups, and Mining the Future.

Bob holds Doctor and Master of Public Administration degrees from the University of Southern California and earned a M.A. and B.A in Sociology at Fordham University. Before joining Core-R.O.I. full time Bob was a tenured professor in the Business School at Marymount University, Arlington, VA. He and his wife raised their two sons in Arlington, VA where they have lived for over 35 years. He is a member of Leadership Arlington’s Class of 2004.

George Gates

George Gates

George brings to Core-R.O.I. more than thirty years’ experience in consulting, management, and education in both the public and private sectors. He joined Core-R.O.I. as a consulting Principal in 1984 after serving as Manager of Organization Development for an international affiliate of Exxon Enterprises. He also worked for General Motors in Manufacturing and Organization Development, and has been an education consultant and teacher.

He has provided services in both the public and private sectors to improve employee work life and organization results. His work focuses on supporting practical change strategies which involve people in planning and managing improvement in their own organizations. He has worked with both line and staff functions, at all levels, from executive suite to shop floor. George is particularly experienced helping labor and management change adversarial relationships to working partnerships for their mutual success. Over 30+ years, his clients have included Fortune 500 firms, labor unions, family-owned businesses, and non-profit organizations.

George has helped clients plan and develop more collaborative, team-based organizations. He co-developed Core-R.O.I.’s Fast Impact Redesign™, a structured participation methodology for redesigning existing organizations.

For seven years, his column in a national trade magazine provided constructive approaches to labor and management issues under such titles as: Go Be Teamish!; Finding Common Ground; Participation Is Not an Option; Leadership Myth-takes; Who’s Accountable?; Clinging to Change Clichés; How to Wreck Change; and a series on Workplace Bullying and Mobbing. Other publications include: Dancing with the Bear: The Struggle of Labor Cooperation; Why Teams Fail (And What’s a Body to Do?); What To Do When Your Team Doesn’t Act Like One; Redesigning for Fast Impact; and On Saving the World a Bit At a Time.

Throughout his career, George has provided customized training and presentations for workshop and conference groups of all sizes. Such workshops as Facilitation Skills, Change Agent Skills, and Managing in a Team Environment workshops have included well over a thousand participants.

George is a graduate of Xavier University, is on the faculty of the SEIU’s B.O.L.D. Center, and the staff of the Institute4Change.  He is a member of the Organizational Development Network, and the American Society for Training and Development, and a past Director of the Socio-technical Systems (STS) Roundtable.

George and his wife Pat live in Greensboro, North Carolina.