Planning and Managing Change

Essential components.

A successful change effort begins with a reason for wanting to change. The organization members have to be engaged in understanding why change is needed and how it will benefit them and the organization. It’s not just seeing the burning platform; it’s feeling the heat on the soles of their feet.

Leaders must  describe what the change will look like when implemented – A vision or model for the future. Employees and other stakeholders need to know where they are headed before they will be join the journey.

And there has to be a transition plan – a series of steps that will begin the journey and a way to make adjustments and mid-course corrections along the way.

Change leaders must continually engage the people who are the organization. The baby with the wet diaper may be the only one who likes to be changed. People will embrace change if they see the benefits and have a say in the process. After all, we have routinely embraced major changes in our own lives– internet, smart phones, remote controls, etc. – which are profoundly changing how we live.

We work with clients to make sure people are engaged in developing and keeping alive these key elements.

And once the direction is set, Core-R.O.I., has helped develop Goalstreams® – a unique approach for leaders to use mind mapping technology to manage the outcomes and deliverables that will lead to successful change.  We make this available and support its implementation.


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