Labor – Management Cooperation

We welcome the opportunity to work in those settings that have historically been adversarial and antagonistic—if  both parties are interested in finding alternative ways to work together. We will not knowingly engage in any consulting activities aimed at union decertification, or maintaining a “union free” environment.

Labor-management cooperation begins when leaders of both institutions agree that their respective best interests can be served by working together to improve quality, cost, customer satisfaction, and the work environment. 

Both parties maintain their own identity and objectives while supporting each other as institutions and increasing the scope of interests they jointly plan and decide.

Labor-management cooperation develops through several typical stages—jointly determined at each step—each with its own outcomes.




Exploration Determine what the parties are willing to do together.
Setting the Foundations Establish joint structures to set this up, guide it, and provide the support people need.
Supporting Behaviors Define and agree on how all parties will act in order to  “walk the talk” of successful cooperation.
Involvement Structures Establish team structures throughout the organization to  get the right people together to make a difference.
Align Organizational Structures and Systems Implement changes in structures, roles and processes to permanently support cooperation.
Review, Renew and Improve Set up routine ways to monitor and assess progress, stay on track, and implement any necessary improvements.

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