What We Do

We are committed to creating better places to work and places that work better.  We partner with clients to help them build successful and healthy organizations that respect the dignity of their employees and members, and serve the communities of which they are part.

What We Believe


How We Work

A widely shared vision and closely held values are the bedrock for successful change We help you define, communicate and build on that foundation.
People support what they help create We help you transform your organization by engaging the people who comprise it.
Substantive change requires the active collaboration of everyone with a stake in the outcome We help you get the right people in the room to build ownership and commitment.
Leadership is an action, not a position or title We help you develop leaders at all levels with the skills to build, strengthen and connect.
No outsider can change an organization We roll up our sleeves and work alongside to support and challenge you from start to finish.

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